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What is Canned Presentation?

Canned presentation is a type of a detailed and structured presentation where the contents are presented in a systematic and well planned manner. As compared to personalized presentation where there is a room for improvisation and spontaneity there is less scope of changes as all necessary information regarding the product are already included.

This type of presentation becomes useful when the same presentation has to be repeated multiple number of times. Minor changes can be made depending on target audience whenever possible in future. This rigidity also proves to be useful to presenters who feel nervous and might forget key points that need to be presented to prospective clients.

There are few key points to be kept in mind while preparing a canned presentation. The first one is the objective of the presentation. The objective of the presentation should be clearly articulated. The next most important point is the prioritization based on time constraint. The crucial information should be presented based on prioritization. Next necessary task is to do a research on the target audience to understand their underlying expectations and beliefs and make it relevant and effective for the people viewing it. Finally a canned presentation should not use too many high tech tools because the same presentation might be needed to address different audience and the high tech equipment may not be always available. Hence it is always advisable to focus on message


Generally Sales presentation to retailers who may not be always educated to catch up with the little content, so presentation should be self explanatory. Classroom presentations prepared by faculty members, since the lecture materials will relate into some assignments or class exercises. New employee orientation presentation gives them a detailed and structured method to understand the company’s policies and procedures.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Canned Presentation along with its overview.

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