Subliminal Persuasion - Meaning & Definition

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What is Subliminal Persuasion?

The word subliminal means below one’s consciousness. Subliminal Persuasion refers to an advertising message which is presented below the threshold of consciousness or consumer awareness in order to persuade, convince people in certain way or help people to change their minds without actually making them aware of what is going on. This refers to influencing people with more than just words. Some of the subliminal persuasion methods are influencing our stimulus through smell, sight, sound, touch and taste.

There are primarily 3 subliminal persuasion techniques to influence anyone. They are

• Building rapport– Establishing rapport makes the other person feel at ease. This will make the other person open up more. This can be achieved by a good power of observation and matching up to their mood or state. This will help build trust

• Power of conversation – The power of a strong persuasion has lot to do with the way an advertiser weaves his intentions in the conversions. Using the right words and inflections helps one from being overtly direct.

• Power of suggestion - Associating with good and desirable things during conversation or communication makes the person more open to new ideas.


Cookie Man puts up a pleasant aroma on its cookies which is particularly different from its other competitors and is unique to it and heats it in an oven. People smell the same when they pass by Cookie Man stores and are tempted to come to the cookie shop for fresh cookies. This fresh smell subliminally makes the customer feel that the cookies are fresh and tastier than other cookie products


Hence, this concludes the definition of Subliminal Persuasion along with its overview.

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