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What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy which focuses on unconventional approach to market a brand to target audience. It is mostly low cost, unexpected and different than usual strategies of marketing.

In today's world of internet and social media, many companies use videos for marketing. If they go viral and actually promotes the brand or product, this is an example of Guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla marketing is also a type of market challenger strategy where a firm chooses the general attack strategy as launching small, intermittent attacks, conventional and unconventional, including selective price cuts, intense promotional blitzes and occasional legal action to harass the opponent and eventually secure permanent foot holds.

The other different types of attack strategies are:


• Frontal attack

• Flank attack

• encirclement attack

• By pass attack


Example: the Coca Cola campaign of bringing happiness, where a coke bottle printed with the name of a person who you have met regularly and not know the name of. Another example would be the Dove real beauty sketches video that was launched which showed women’s perception of their own beauty, striking a chord with the customers.

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