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Pioneer Advertising - Meaning & Definition

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What is Pioneer Advertising?

Pioneer advertising is the promotion employed in advertising for new products, which is primarily aimed at customer education and involves expensive and sustained advertising campaigns

The advertising campaign and promotional strategies to be followed for a product depends on the stage at which it is in the product life cycle. For example, for a product in its maturity stage the sensible form of advertising would be to offer discounts and benefits, whereas for a product in its introduction stage it would be more prudent to offer consumers trials of product to introduce them to the product.

Pioneer advertising is such an advertising campaign, where the consumer is first introduced to a product, made aware of the benefits through trial, to encourage further buying of the product.

Example: examples of pioneer advertising would be advertising features of mobile phones when a new model of phone is introduced in the market with new features, Philips advertising of new Kerashine hair product fall under the category of Pioneer advertising.


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