Attitude Survey - Meaning & Importance

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What is Attitude Survey?

An attitude survey seeks to understand and evaluate the consumers’ (users and non-users) attitude towards a particular product/service/idea. Such an attitude survey is often administered keeping in mind target consumers, clearly spelling out the respondent profile. An attitude survey helps the company obtain insights related to the different attitudinal aspects of consumers towards the product, service or category.

Importance of Attitude Survey

On a broader perspective, attitude encompasses all of a person’s emotional, perceptual, behavioral and rational processes in response to some aspect of the environment. In case of marketing specifically, attitude can be considered a person’s persistent emotional feelings, action tendencies and favorable or unfavorable disposition towards a product, service or idea. Attitude survey in turn helps the company decide on the marketing strategy for the brand. It allows the company to identify latent markets, new target groups or the more profitable demographic segments. These are important for market segmentation, targeting strategy as well as positioning. Such attitude surveys are also administered using attitudinal research to understand the attitude of consumers towards the current or proposed marketing communications strategy. For example, Amul, before deciding whether a new ad campaign should be aired or not, may like to observe the reactions of the consumers. It may also want to compare it with the attitude of the consumers towards its present “Amul girl” campaign.

Attitude Survey Questionnaire Sample

Although quantifying attitude is a Herculean task, an attitude survey often uses a Likert Scale approach. A survey helps in collecting vital information known as attitudinal data. A typical questionnaire to understand consumers’ attitude towards the cookie category could have questions like these:

On analyzing, the concerned party can obtain valuable insights. Analysis could include finding a mean value, deriving correlations etc. If cookies are considered good for kids, the marketing communication strategy can be devised targeting mothers.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Attitude Survey along with its overview.

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