Free Standing Store

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Definition: Free Standing Store

A free standing store is a store on the street and not in a mall or a shopping center. The kind of products you keep, the SKUs you keep, the kind of promotions you use, the distribution strategy you use all depend on whether a store is a free standing store or otherwise.

India is currently dominated by free standing stores in terms of both volumes and value. All small retailers are operators/owners of free standing stores in India. However, it is not correct to identify free standing stores with general retail and other stores as modern retail. Modern retail chains like Big Bazaar are many times free standing stores in India.


The kind of store strategy you choose to apply depends on the brand loyalty you enjoy. Let’s say that your customers are very loyal to your brand and will go to another store if they don’t find your brand in the first one, it is better for you to be in a free standing store. If you are new in a market or don’t enjoy high brand loyalty and wish to cash in on trial and impulse purchases, it’s better for you to locate your store in a mall or a shopping center.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Free Standing Store along with its overview.

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