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Definition: Inseparability

Inseparability basically refers to the idea that in the minds of the consumer, it is difficult to separate the service from the provider of the service. Inseparability is a key characteristic of services. It means that the production and consumption of a service can’t be separated from each other. In effect, it means that the producer and the consumer of the service have to be in contact with each other. The producer can be both a human being and a machine.


Inseparability also means that the production and consumption of service happens at the same time and hence it can’t be stored. Because the person providing the service is an integral part of the service itself, the services are defined by 7Ps whereas the products are defined by the 4Ps.


Inseparability indicates that the satisfaction of a customer in a service-oriented business depends largely on the person of the organization they deal with. Even if a bank is providing you great offers and services, if your bank-teller is rude to you, you will have a negative outlook towards the bank. Similar is the case with hospitals. If you get a friendly and warm doctor in a not-so-good hospital, you are likely to rate it high.


Example of inseparability of service – a haircut, treatment by a doctor


Hence, this concludes the definition of Inseparability along with its overview.


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