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What is User?

A User is the one who has the authority to consumes a good or service to solve a problem or to obtain a benefit. A user may or may not be the actual buyer of the product. So a user is the true customer of consumer of a goods or services.


Sometimes they are called end user because the come into picture at the end of the product supply chain and differentiate the actual user from people involved in other stages of product development like manufacturers, distributors, buyers etc.

Product development chain/ supply chain

Companies while formulating strategies or deciding on the design or specification of a product or services take into account the end user of the product and communicate to the buyer of the product.



Male cosmetics companies make products that are designed and developed for men who are their end users. But in their marketing communication they talk to the women, since they know it the women of the family who are more involved in buying cosmetic products for the family. Remember “Hello Ladies” campaign of Old Spice.


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