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What is Image Advertising?

Image advertising aims at creating a favourable mental picture of the product in the mind of the customer. An attempt is made to associate the product/service with certain values. The basic aim is to improve brand awareness of the customer, turn that awareness into familiarity and then, to induce a conversion of that familiarity into actual purchase.

Image advertising is aimed at the creation of a specific image for a product offering, company or brand. It is different from advertisements highlighting specific attributes of the entity. The image thus created may be one of reliability, luxury, trust, ruggedness or style.

Image advertising is essentially about the creation of mental images in the minds of the customers to get them to try the product/service. This is most often used when the degree of competition is very high. When the products cannot be distinguished on functional aspects alone, advertisers try to create unique images about their brand.

People with certain values and lifestyles are targeted. This helps in building brand awareness, creating familiarity and developing a mental picture of the product/service. Consumers will thus get an idea of the product even if they are not acquainted with the product features. This plays a crucial role in decision making at the time of purchase. Such companies usually are able to expand their market share on the strength of such promotion through images.

Image advertising is usually a blend of several marketing strategies, so that customers who cannot relate to a particular style of advertising can be appealed to using a different style.

Image advertising should be consistent with the brand image of the product. They must be clearly differentiated from the competitors’ campaigns. Companies also keep in mind the success and failure of past marketing campaigns and also take into account existing attitudes and beliefs about their products.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Image Advertising along with its overview.

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