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In-store Promotion - Meaning & Definition

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What is In-store Promotion?

This a type of in-store marketing to increase the footfall in the store & make people aware of particular product at the point of sale. The store provides you with various touch points of making people aware & communicating value of the product.

The strategies come from manufacturers most of the times in terms of discounts & offers but sometimes store owners also do it. The main behind all kinds of store promotion is to increase the revenue through impulse buying. The in-store promotion plays a crucial role in switching of brands by the consumers. The elements that are generally used are Coupons, signs, banners, TV videos, announcements etc. Product display & location is another type of In-store promotion tactic that is being followed. The products are placed in such a manner that they catch the eye of the shopper & attract them to give it a try. The products which are being promoted are placed at end of the aisles or at different secondary locations in the store where they are more visible to the shopper.

Demonstration or sampling of the product is also one type of store promotion that is being widely used by top FMCG companies to make people try their product & influence their buying decision.

For example: Kellogg’s have appointed one breakfast ambassador in many of the modern trade stores. The breakfast ambassador’s work is to make the people taste Kellogg’s cornflakes & its different flavors in the store.


Hence, this concludes the definition of In-store Promotion along with its overview.

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