Galvanometer Test

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Definition: Galvanometer Test

Galvanometer Test is a physiological research methodology used in observational marketing research where a consumer is asked to respond to a survey or is shown some advertisement and the physiological changes before and after the test are measured to test the effectiveness of the advertisements.

A physiological measurement refers to responses that are involuntary to marketing stimuli by the use of electrodes or other related equipments. There are many disadvantages of using such as test because since these tests are unnatural, a respondent might become nervous and emit false reading. Moreover it becomes difficult to measure whether the response was positive or negative.


Galvanometer Test uses a galvanometer to determine the excitement levels by measuring electrical activity in the respondent’s skin. This test requires electrical sensors or sensing pads in order to measure the electrical impulses when the respondent encounters an interesting stimulus such as an exposure to advertisements or during new product launches.


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