Sales Process

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Definition: Sales Process

A sales process is an approach to selling a product or a service. People follow different types of approaches to selling, but the most common sales process approach has 7 steps involved.


Prospecting is the identifying of leads for your sales and setting up of required meetings.

Next step is the initial meeting where the sales person establishes a rapport with the customer and gain their trust to proceed with the next step.

Initial meeting is followed by data gathering. Here, the sales person should gather facts about the customer, their needs, their situation and relevant information about the product to be sold. This is an important step which generally people tend to ignore. It is easier to sell a product based on consumer needs rather than on product attributes.

Once the necessary information is gathered, the design proposal for the customer is prepared.

The next step is to present the prepared proposals to the customer. Presentation is also a really important step as this when a deal is made or broken.

Once the deal is closed the next step is to go for the implementation. Proper implementation by delivering the promised solution and monitoring the progress is crucial.

Finally, once implementation is done, ongoing service and follow up should be looked upon and not ignored. This is the time when the sales person should explore additional needs and capture future deals if possible.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Process along with its overview.

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