Cultural Marketing - Meaning & Definition

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What is Cultural Marketing?

Cultural marketing is a kind of marketing where a message is promoted to a certain group of potential customers who belong to a particular culture or demographic. The audience/customers are of a specific ethnicity and cultural marketing takes advantage of the ethnic group's different cultural referents like tradition, language, religion etc. to communicate to and persuade the customers.

Why use cultural marketing?

People have their cultural boundaries, their thinking and decisions to some extent are affected by their cultural values and norms. Aware of this fact, marketers implant cultural values and standards in ads in such a way that customers can relate to the characters in the ads and thus feel affinity towards the brand. It has a positive influence on marketing as it creates more areas of interest in a shorter time period.

To design a cultural marketing ad, marketers pay attention to what is going on in the culture. They carefully observe the culture around them so as to anticipate what issues will hold true in the future. They identify cultural movements to understand the need of the changing market.


McDonald’s has taken a cue from various markets to develop menus and advertising such as the McAloo Tikki ad below. McDonald’s believes that minority tastes can influence majority preferences dramatically also it provides early exposure to new trends.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Cultural Marketing along with its overview.

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