Family Packaging

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Definition: Family Packaging

Family packaging means that all the products under a brand have similar type of visual packaging so that it’s easy for consumers to recognize the products and judge the quality based on previous experience of the brand. Generally color and pattern are kept same for different products under the same brand.

Customers on an average are exposed to thousands of products in a supermarket. Many don’t have time to individually inspect an item, thus they tend to choose the familiar one. Companies try to increase this familiarity by using the same packaging for all the products as a brand represents a promise of quality to the customer.

A customer can use previous experience to judge the quality of the product. A company with a good reputation and high class products can benefit from family packaging. However, it can backfire sometimes when a consumer has a bad experience with a product of a brand; he may not buy any other product from the same brand even if it is of superior quality.

For example: All Himalaya products have a very similar packaging with a white body and green bottle cap. A customer can easily identify the brand even from far away.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Family Packaging along with its overview.

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