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What is Body Copy?

Body copy is known as the main text in an advertisement, print matter, company literature or any website which is distinct from logo, headline, sub-headline and graphics. This provides two most important purposes. This portion will help readers develop interest and secondly it will help them remember the product name and the reasons why they liked the particular product or the news item. The first sentence of the body copy should flow the headline and is the main text of any marketing communications vehicle.

There are few important guidelines while writing a powerful body copy. They are-

Body copy is one of the main reasons why a product sells. It motivates the reader to act, gives importance on how the product will provide benefits to the customer and also contains the product details within it. Emotional and logical appeal is used in the text to develop a desire for the products or services. Sometimes, the marketer purposefully uses imperfect grammar in a body copy, but can still be easily understood; it commonly imitates spoken word in order to make an intimate feeling for the reader. Like the headline, sentences in a body copy usually contains the word ‘you’, uses active voice, exciting verbs based content which are more action oriented, and colloquial vocabulary. This simulates personal communication between a company and its customer.


Let us consider the following advertisement

Message: This advertisement is for car magazines instead of general magazines. It target segment is specifically car lovers. By providing detailed information, readers are automatically informed how this car is better than the current model and also its competitors’, and provides reason as in why people should purchase it.

Headline : The headline for this ad is “There Is No Need for Other Adjective. This Is Just ELEGANT.” The word ‘ELEGANT’ fits very well with the image of Lexus and reinforces readers’ positive feelings toward Lexus, which will help effectively interact with the all the three pictures provided in the advertisements

Body copy: It provides very detailed information, such as new technology and specific features of this car is provided. This is because the target audience is those who read car magazine frequently and should be interested in the new technology features which will drive the sales.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Body Copy along with its overview.

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