Media Relations - Meaning & Definition

Published by MBA Skool Team, Last Updated: November 02, 2014

What is Media Relations?

Media relation is the relation that a organization forms with media people like journalists and editors etc for the purpose of propagating a positive image of company’s policies, practices, values and image.

It is a powerful tool for influencing people as journalism is a third person view unlike company advocated blogs, official website, newsletter and promotional activities. It is more credible and hence more effective in changing and affecting people’s behaviour and attitude towards and company or a brand. Apart from that it has a wider reach so the news could reach a large set of audience.

Credibility and reach comes with a price, maintaining and forming media relations is a challenging job. Also the news cannot be controlled as media have the control over publishing the stories which are of interest to their viewership. Media relations could work both ways, company might reach out to media which is often the case or media might reach out to cover a story about the company.

Example- media relations:

• Publishing news about launch of new product like iPhone6

• Publishing of quarterly financial results

• Covering organizational events like visit of celebrities in campus for promoting some activity or blood donation camps, award functions etc

• Strikes and disruption of operations, labour unrest like in Maruti Manesar plant

• Corporate social activities like teaching computer to adults, teaching small kids etc


Hence, this concludes the definition of Media Relations along with its overview.

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