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What is Door Opener?

This term is in relation to the sales process. A door opener is something – a contact or a piece of information or anything of that sort that will help sales people gain access to the decision maker in the opportunity.

This is termed door opener as it gives you a chance to open the door to the opportunity of accessing the decision maker.

Identifying the key decision maker in a sales process is of paramount importance. There is no point in focussing all your energy and attention in trying to win over a person, who in the end cannot influence the decision or is not in-charge of the decision process.

Example: for example, if a sales person knows that the MD of purchasing is the key decision maker to be targeted on and the sales person has only access to the purchase manager of the company through official channels. If the sales person gets to have a meet with the MD because of a mutual friend, then the friend here acts as the door opener for the sales person.

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