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What is Customer Intimacy?

Customer intimacy is a marketing strategy where the supplier of a product or a service (such as a retailer or a firm), wants to get closer to the customer to understand their needs and wants better. Customer intimacy helps firms in understanding and anticipating the customer’s needs and wants better which leads to new product generation with the customer at the heart. It is thus one step ahead of the customer intimate strategy.

There are some steps firms follow to build an intimate relationship with their customers:

Firms build deep multilevel connections with their clients to better understand reasons for buying and the decision making process of purchase behaviour

All touch points are used to analyse and generate insight from the customer

The focus should be on end to end services, rather than simply selling a product. For example, a person selling a treadmill should realise that he is not selling a treadmill but a lifestyle. Hence, it is important to engage the customer

Understand the latent needs of customers and develop insights from their regular behaviour to create products they didn’t even know they needed

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