Sales Promotion Material

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Definition: Sales Promotion Material

Sales promotion material generally refers to any documents or objects that aid in sales promotion or sales in general. These could include demonstration aid, multimedia tapes, pamphlets or brochures, models, samples or trial packs, sales literature etc.

Every marketer seeks the best possible product recognition for your brand- to arouse interest and excitement in customers. The sales promotion material has to be such that befits the image of the product/service being promoted. The idea is to have a lasting impression on the minds of the consumers or buyers. E.g. Using an ice bucket as a sales promotion material for Smirnoff. Some of the Sales Promotion Materials often produced are Banners (given away to retailers), Pennants, Metal Signs, Table Tents, Point-of-Sale Displays, Coasters, Cutlery, Neon Signs, Beer Buckets, Mirrors, Wall and Floor Graphics, and Counter Mats.

In its promotion campaign at schools and colleges, Kellogg’s conducts a healthy breakfast day in which students get to taste the entire range of its products. This time around, Kellogg’s also gave away a bowl with its name printed on it. Such a promotion material is sure to have a long-lasting effect. Even if the students would have the cereal and forget about it, the bowl would stay a reminder.


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