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What is Media Mix?

Media Mix refers to the combination of advertising channels that is used in the promotion of a particular good or service. The idea is to choose the right combination to communicate with the audience and make an impact as estimated in the media planning strategy. The media mix is the sum-total of all advertising that a media house or advertising agency commissions for a specific campaign or media plan.

Advertising media mix includes allocation for the various channels available:

• Print (News, leisure, specialized)

• Broadcast (Radio, Television)

• Network (Telephone, Cable, Wireless)

• Electronic/ Digital Media (Internet, kiosks)

• Display Media (Billboards, Neon signs, wall graphics)

• Cinema

• POP (Service-scapes, Retail showrooms)

• Events

For the media mix to be effective, it is imperative that the demographics of the target segment are taken into account. The closer a media mix reflects its target segment, the more successful it is.

For example, if Amul has to launch a new kind of low-fat butter that is priced at a premium, its optimal advertising mix could include:

• Broadcast- Television (ads and cookery shows )

• Billboards showcasing product benefits

• Print- magazines (women’s or cookery magazines), recipe books


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