Trade Character

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Definition: Trade Character

Trade character can be people, animal, cartoon or any object that represents a brand & are used to advertise the product or service. The trade character gets associated with the brand & plays an important role in brand building. Trade character is selected keeping in mind the brand & product such that the trade character goes with the brand & enhance its imagery. The trade character forms the part of Brand element & is widely used in promoting a brand.

For example: Vodafone has used Zoozoo as trade character in their marketing campaigns & have been very successful. These bigheaded creatures are not animated, but Zoozoos are actually real people dressed in white outfits always. The Vodafone Zoozoos were launched in the IPL which became hugely popular. There were about 25 Zoozoo commercials released each day till the end of Indian Premier League(IPL) and the making of Zoozoo Ads were popular through email forwards.


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