Values, Attitudes, And Lifestyles System (VALS-2) - Meaning & Definition

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What is Values, Attitudes, And Lifestyles System (VALS-2)?

VALS 2 is a segmentation method which slices the market (or potential customers) into 8 groups. VALS2 focuses on psychological parameters of a customer as compared to the AIO or activities, interest and opinions. This is done to tap customers based on their attitudes and values.

This was created after Values and Lifestyle (VALS) Research, which is one of the ways of doing psychographic segmentation.

VALS 2 segmentation variables

The segmentation variables for are

1) Self Orientation

2) Resources

VALS 2 groups

VALS 2 is divided into 8 lifestyle groups, which are:

Actualizers, Fulfillers, Believers, Achievers, Strivers, Experiencers, Makers, and Strugglers. 

Let us look at each one of them.

1. Actualizers- High income and high resource group for whom independence is very important

2. Fulfillers- well educated rational thinking consumers

3. Believers- more social in nature and believe other consumers. Also called word of mouth consumers.

4. Achievers- want to excel at their job and follow successful things

5. Strivers- do not have resources but want to become achievers

6. Experiencers- have high resources but also need a mode of self -expression and love to indulge

7. Makers- have limited resources and want to make themselves better individuals

8. Strugglers- have the least resources and thus, are the least likely to adopt any innovation

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