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What is Product Endorsement?

When a product is recommended or its virtues are being stated by a celebrity in a written or public statement or by a professional group, it is called product endorsement. Authoritive figure endorsing a product is the key element of the marketing campaign and the business advertisement. In order to generate brand awareness and significant sales revenues endorsement is an extremely effective marketing tool.

In order to promote its products or services brand use celebrities thus involving a lot of complexities such as regulatory , commercial and legal considerations which will decide how the brand can use the celebrity for promotion of the product. Many points are negotiated before signing the celebrity. Consumers still gets fascinated by the idea of using the product that is being used by someone wealthy or famous, whom they trust and idolises. By buying the product the customers becomes affiliated to that person. But these are very costly for example many stars participated in charity endorsement using the product endorsement as public relations campaign.

The product endorsement doesn’t guarantee that the product will be good but it means that the company was successful to work on its public relations connections by involving big names along with its brand. Hand written testimonials are used for endorsements, stating about how the product changed their lives. In modern times such testimonials are written by excerpts, which are found printed on the product packaging directly. In order to create a visual connection between the endorser and the product, companies also use photographs of famous people on their products. For example sports stars appearing in the pack of health drinks.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Product Endorsement along with its overview.

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