Subliminal Perception - Meaning & Definition

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What is Subliminal Perception?

When peoples' thoughts, feelings and actions are influenced by stimuli without awareness. When perception about a product is more powerful than the awareness about that product. It is the mind control that can be achieved without awareness. Two basic types of subliminal messages can be sent to the unconscious- auditory & visual. It occurs even when the stimulus is very weak but still can influence people.

An organization message is called effective when it sticks in consumers’ minds and influences them to buy. Thus marketing messages that influence them unconsciously are called subliminal perception of customer’s experience. Many marketers include these subliminal words and images in advertising. They use the subliminal references to power, happiness, wealth or hunger in their online, print and television ads or in brand logos.

For Example:

This logo features a smiley face that connects A to Z, as to suggest that amazon can find anything starting with A to Z and customers will always be happy doing business with Amazon.

Subliminal marketing helps to gain attention of the customers and influence them to prefer your product if they are not loyal to another competing product. In order to be influenced by subliminal perception, they must be motivated to do what the subliminal message suggests after hearing about the brand. For example is a subliminal message flashes about a product related to sports gear, but you are not interested in sport, then it won’t influence you to buy.

Many marketers don't see the need, to sway some undecided consumers by the help of subliminal marketing. Conscious thoughts and emotions by Compelling marketing keep the consumers away from coming back to a brand they already like. When the supposed subliminal messages or images are exposed, impact of ads and logos on consumers’ minds is diminished.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Subliminal Perception along with its overview.

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