Flagship Brand

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Definition: Flagship Brand

Flagship brand is the main product/service in the company’s portfolio and to which the customer most relates or identifies the company.

It is also called core product/service and is generally the major revenue generator for the company. This product/service defines the company’s core competency and helps create a competitive advantage. It is a brand which the company defends in the market and spends its major promotional budget for it.

Example: Maggi noodles are flagship product of Nestle, Sport’s shoes are the flagship product of Nike, Microsoft Windows OS is the flagship product of Microsoft, iPhone is the flagship product of Apple etc


Advantages of having a flagship brand:

• Unique identity/image in market

• Easy to fend off competition or me too products

• Easier line extension, as lesser promotion will be required and distribution channel is already set up so same channel can be used to distribute the new product

• Cooperation from channel partners as flagship brand has greater demand


Hence, this concludes the definition of Flagship Brand along with its overview.

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