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What is Services Theatre Framework?

This framework compares service delivery to a theatre performance, metaphorically as they share several parallel characteristics. Both are concerned with a good performance to impress the audience or customers, both require careful planning and execution at back end and proper setting of stage for overall good impression. Service involves the theatrical elements like a stage production: audience, actors, setting, backstage, front stage and performance or delivery.

Various elements of Service Theatre Framework:

Audience: Customers who consume services

Actors: Service providers who work to create service experience for audience (customers)

Setting: Service environment like a parlour or a saloon where service delivery takes place

Backstage: Backstage actions are not visible to audience (customers), it may involve planning and execution of activities like in a hotel the cooking area is backstage

Front stage: Front stage actions are visible to audience (customers), taking the hotel example the serving area or the restaurant area is the front stage for delivery of food and beverages for a hotel

Performance or Delivery: The interplay of service actors, audience, setting, backstage and front-stage action creates the entire performance experience or the service delivery


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