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What is Brand Mark?

Brands use visual images, elements or symbols to get themselves identified by their consumers. These are called Brand Marks. Brand marks serve the purposes of contributing to building and maintaining brand’s image.

Brand Marks are of three types:

a. Standard Brand Marks - A graphic image or illustration that refers directly to company, brand or product. Being the most popular type of brand mark, they play a crucial role in raising brand awareness. Eg. A dentist has a “tooth” as his business logo.


b. Abstract Brand Marks – A highly conceptual design, which represents an idea or a value. They do not directly describe what the brand offers. So, companies using abstract brand marks, need to invest a lot of time and money in making a connection between their brand and their logo. Eg. The NIKE swoosh used in the brand logo design.

It is mostly used by technology companies to convey their cutting-edge innovation.


c. Emblem Brand Marks – The name of the brand is used as the logo design. They are used to increase consumers’ perceptions and feelings about the companies’ image, quality of product and reliability. Eg. Harley Davidson and Lamborghini logos.


Generally brand marks take one of the following forms:

a. Logo – A visual symbol that a company a company incorporates into its brand and soon it becomes synonymous with the image of the brand. It is usually included in all forms of communications done by the company. A logo can also be the name of the company in form of graphics.


b. Colors – Specific color themes can also be associated with a brand. Eg. Blue is the color theme of Walmart, where it is the major color throughout the store and in employees’ uniforms.


c. Pictures – Sometimes, while building their brand, companies end to use a wide variety of pictures, graphics and visual characters for promotional activities. These are also an important form of brand marks. Eg. Mc Donalds uses golden arches as a brand mark.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Brand Mark along with its overview.

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