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What is Insertion Order?

It is a printed form, containing the details of an advertisement campaign as part of the marketing strategy of a company. It can be used for advertising in print and online media. Insertion Orders (IO) can be used to lay down the rules of advertisements by:

a) Advertisers - use IO when they take on advertising responsibilities for a client and have to submit an ad campaign.

b) Publishers – use IO when they accept ads and have the need to define the terms for the same.

The Insertion Order usually contains the following information-

1) the name of the campaign

2) the name of the Website receiving the order

3) the planner or buyer giving the order

4) the individual ads to be run or printed

5) the ad sizes, colors and positioning

6) the campaign’s beginning and end dates

7) the total cost and discounts

8) the reporting requirements

9) the possible penalties or stipulations regarding the failure to deliver the advertisements

Also called Advertising Insertion Order, has an effective role to play to avoid misunderstandings over the content and direction of the advertising campaign.

Many sites provide various templates for Insertion Order, which are customizable.

In conclusion, Insertion Order is a step in advertisement process of a company, which represents commitment between advertisers and publishers.

An example of an IO template is-


Hence, this concludes the definition of Insertion Order along with its overview.

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