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What is Celebrity Advertising?

Advertising which uses celebrities (popular person or a group of people) to advertise and sell their products and services is known as Celebrity Advertising. This type of advertising focuses on the usage of celebrities i.e. the virtue because of which they are popular to sell their products. For instance, a glamourous celebrity may sell a beauty product saying that her beauty is because she is using that product. The celebrity may or may not be using that product, but endorses it in the advertisement. Usually a celebrity who is likely to use a product or service is used for the product. For example, a cricketer would be used to endorse energy drinks but preferably not for washing powders.


There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with celebrity advertising. An advantage of doing celebrity advertising is that it creates an appeal for the products in the consumers’ minds and general people. It helps in retaining the advertisement and thus, the products in peoples mind. In addition to this, if there is a recent launch of product in the market, celebrity advertising helps in creating awareness of the product. Also, in cases where a brand is failing it helps reviving the brand. If the company wants to position it in a certain way, it can choose a celebrity of their choice so that they can create an image of their company in line with that of the celebrity.


There are some disadvantages of doing a celebrity advertising as well. Sometimes the celebrities overshadow the brands i.e. the brand may turn irrelevant. Memorizing the advertisement may only lead to recall of the message and celebrity and not the brand. Also, if a celebrity is likely to fail in the near future (for e.g., a cricketer or footballer underperforming in a match), it hampers the image of the brand. The money, effort and time used in making the advertisement is wasted.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Celebrity Advertising along with its overview.

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