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What is Reinforcement?

Brand reinforcement refers to an activity associated with getting those consumers who have tried a particular brand to become repeat purchasers along with attracting new users. It is a key objective of the growth stage of the product's life cycle.

Brand reinforcement is majorly concerned with maintaining brand equity. It makes sure that the consumers have desired knowledge structures in place so that the brand continues to have its necessary sources of equity. This could be done by marketing activities related to brand awareness and brand image that would carry the identity and meaning of the brand to the consumers.

This involves reinforcement advertising, which is targeted at consumers who have already tried and used the product before and aims at reminding them of its continued existence and unique benefits. Such advertising is also intended to reassure customers that they have made the right choice. It is commonly used for big ticket items like boats, cars and condos. Sometimes it includes instructions on how to get the most value or satisfaction from their purchase.

For example, a dealer or manufacturer sends customers information about schemes and other news concerning a product that has been purchased. Examples can be seen below:

Another example of reinforcement advertising is the “surround session”, introduced by the online unit of the New York Times. This model emphasises on the interaction between advertisers and audiences. In such a session, an advertiser has all or most of the advertisements on each page for a surfer’s entire site visit. As the surfer moves from one page to another, the same advertiser is represented in various ad placements. This allows for reinforcement of the advertiser’s message.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Reinforcement along with its overview.

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