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What is Customer Profile?

Customer profiling is a way to generate a portrait of your customers to aid you make strategy decisions concerning your product and service. Your customers are divided down into groups of customers having similar characteristics and each group is assigned a representative with a name, a photo, and a description. A small group of customer profiles are then used to make key strategy decisions.

These 5 simple steps should give an insight about Customer Profiling

Describing Your Customers

Recognize who your ideal customer is and what connections they have. Describe your customers with the following criteria:

Psychographics – their personality, mentality, preferences, etc.

Demographics – their age, gender, income, etc.

Behavior – their similar dislikes and likes, music, hobbies, etc.

Locating Your Customers

Find the places your customers are enticed to, whether a physical location or a cyber space where they meet.

Where do they party?

What do they prefer to read? Both offline and online?

What do they generally search for online?

Understand Your Customer’s Purchasing Process

It is a process of analyzing the needs which encourages your customers buy your product or service instead of the competitor’s.

Where do they initialize their research?

What is their requirement or need?

What are the benefits to obtaining a solution?

Connecting with Your Current Customers

Reach out to your present, ideal customers to gain extra insight into what made them choose your business over others. Organize interviews, formally or informally, and ask them:

Why did you purchase from our company?

What do we do that others don’t?

Why do you continue to purchase from our company?

Create Client Profiles

Create profiles that define specific segments of your existing clients. Ensure that the profiles are tangible, so that you can visualize this person and what would inspire them to find your business.

Describe your clients in written profiles also known as Personas

Create a precise persona for each distinguishable client group and name them

Include images of ideal clients, either hypothetical or a real individual

Hence, this concludes the definition of Customer Profile along with its overview.

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