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What is Classified Advertisement?

It is a form of advertising that is most common in print media like newspapers, periodicals, magazines etc. The print media containing the ads may be distributed free of cost or sold for a price, but the advertisements are always paid for. These advertisements are generally short and direct as these are charged by the space they occupy – the column, the number of lines.

There may be such media that contain only these classified ads such as the classified section of any national daily, say The Hindustan Times. Classified ads are cheaper than other types of advertising and hence used as a preferred method by not only SMEs, but even individual sellers/ individuals.

These ads can further be divided into the following classes or types:

1. For Sale

2. Wanted

3. Services


For example, you just opened a small grocery shop and offer home delivery. For this reason you want to sell your 3-month old car and buy a motorbike instead for delivery. You can put a classified ad to sell the car; this is the ‘for sale’ ad. You may in the meantime put an ad looking for a motorcycle, this will be considered as a ’wanted’ type ad. Moreover you want to hire someone for guarding the shop, you can put an ad asking for Security Service as a ‘services’ ad.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Classified Advertisement along with its overview.

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