Field Force - Meaning & Definition

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What is Field Force?

Field Force are the people in an organisation who are responsible for the sales and lead generation in an organisation i.e. who work in the ‘field’ to generate profits for the organisation. These are the people who go to the field and generate sales. The definition of field differs from one organisation to the other. For some organisation a field would be the internet and for an organisation it could be the physical market place where the sales can be generated. Depending on the field the organisation may decide what the compromise of the team should be who would be working in this field to generate sales and leads to increase the profits of the organisation.


Contrary to the popular belief the field force may not only be responsible for generating sales and leads. They may also be used for primary research purposes. To collate and gather data and information so as to analyse if a particular field or market is feasible for the organisation to foray into. Organisations these days are investing heavily in their field force to improve their efficiency. It is only because of these people that the organisation is able to implement their strategies in a good way.


In order to increase the efficiency of the field force the company needs to do forecasting as to which of the markets would generate more revenue for them. Training of the field force can be carried out to increase their motivation and skills. Making the field force realise that they are profit centre and not cost centre. In addition to this there are many more methods by which the company can increase the efficiency of their field force.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Field Force along with its overview.

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