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Full Service Retail Store - Meaning & Definition

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What is Full Service Retail Store?

Retail stores attract customers not only with appropriate products and reasonable prices, but also by offering services that enhance the whole purchasing experience. Three levels of retail services are


Self-Service – In this service , customers perform most or all of the service activities associated with the purchasing process. Some customers considers self-service as a benefit while other consider this as an inconvenience. There are two types in self-service method

1) self-selection services, such as vending machine purchases or supermarket purchasing

2) self-checkout services where the in store employee help the consumer in selecting the product but checkout process needs to be carried out by the consumer


Assorted-Service –some level of service is offered to consumers. It includes handling the point-of-sale transaction; assisting in product selection; providing different payment options; offering delivery; and many more.


Full-Service – The full-service retailer attempts to handle nearly all aspects of the purchase right from helping the consumer in selecting the product through the payment options. A retailer who follows a full-price strategy often adapts the full-service approach as a way of adding more value to a customer’s purchase.


Full service retail stores employs qualified, customer-friendly and informative sales force along with a wide range of desired goods at highly reasonable retail prices.


Apple ensures that all its retail store employees are trained properly to handle the customer queries .It is considered as pioneer in many aspects of customer service as it provides a plethora of information to the consumers about the product thus helping them in making an informed decision. The store employees assist the consumers in every phase of their buying process.


In India, Tata’s chroma retail stores provides full service ,chroma’s sales force are well trained and known for their customer service.



1. Chroma

2. Apple stores

3. Dell


Hence, this concludes the definition of Full Service Retail Store along with its overview.

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