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What is Product Description?

A product description is a structured format of presenting information about a product which includes its benefits, form , presentation, price ,purpose etc. . A good product description should include a detailed description of the product, its special features which differentiate it from other products unique selling points and utility of the product.

In today’s world, due to the advent of ecommerce, consumers have easy access to information about different products. Most of the consumers spend enough time researching about the product and its benefits before making any buying decision. Thus more often than not they tend to take a rational and informed decision by comparing the product features and prices. A product description and product images play an important role in creating the initial impression in the consumer’s mind and persuading him/her to buy the product. A good and appealing product description will entice the consumer to scan through the products in detail and it might eventually help in buying the product.

Ecommerce sites take special care when it comes to product description. Most of them do not copy paste the product description from the manufacturers because Google penalises duplicate content. If there are same descriptions are available in many other websites .Google has no idea which should rank higher. Hence editing the product description also has significant SEO benefits. Manufacturers generally list the features of the product but it should be considered that the end consumers might not have any knowledge on the technical aspects of the products, so it is advised to list the benefits of the features than just listing some technical features. The product images should also be carefully selected it should have keyword rich alt attributes. Finally the description should be concise ,unique and effective

Apple ipod shuffle product description page is given above

Hence, this concludes the definition of Product Description along with its overview.

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