Theoretical Framework - Meaning & Definition

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What is Theoretical Framework?

A theoretical framework is a set of relatable ideas that may provide the basis for research and/or development of business strategy/endeavour. A theoretical framework may be formulated to understand and hence predict some phenomena.

It may further be used to challenge the existing knowledge about a topic and extend new opinions about it. A theoretical framework consists of concepts and their explanation, along with the justification of how to use them to further some research or use the concepts as the basis of developing a business strategy or undertaking a business endeavour.

The selection a particular framework to be used should be decided by looking at the following parameters:

1. Appropriateness

2. Ease of Use

3. Explanatory Power


For example, a theoretical framework like STP might be used by the marketing department of an FMCG product while rolling it out in a new market.


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