Consultative Selling

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Definition: Consultative Selling

“Consultative Selling” is a selling technique in which a typical salesperson acts as a consultant and judges the need of a customer by intuitive questions and then satisfying them by expertise and knowledge.

The salesperson has to present the customer specific benefits which should be related to the product or service. Before setting up a meeting with the customer/client the salesperson should be able to figure out whether the product which he is selling is a good fit for the customer’s expectations otherwise it may result in the product not being sold. 


As per the diagram given above, it is a 5 step method for consultative selling. Out of the above steps the 3rd step i.e addressing customer needs is very important for the sales person to look into.

There is another concept of transactional selling in comparison to consultative selling. Consultative Selling focuses on value and it is held more important than price which doesn’t happen in case of transactional selling.

The consultative sales process is basically focused on the experience that the target customer feels during the interaction process.

The six principle of consultative sales process are the following:

a) Research

b) Ask

c) Listen

d) Teach

e) Qualify

f) Close

Hence, this concludes the definition of Consultative Selling along with its overview.


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