Customer Satisfier

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Definition: Customer Satisfier

The characteristic of the product that meets customer expectations such as availability, cost effectiveness and performance is known as the customer satisfier.

The above diagram represents the Kano model, customer valuation falls into 3 categories:

a) Dissatisfiers: These are the fundamental requirements which are expected as a part of the package. For example: brakes for a car are fundamental. If there is a lack of fundamental characteristic, the company needs to focus on it with high priority.

b) Satisfiers: These are the requirements which the customers are not expecting but a bit more of them makes the customer happier. For eg: having heated seats adds additional satisfaction to those people who live in colder climates. These features add a competitive advantage for the company.

c) Delighters: These are the characteristics that are not expected and it doesn’t cause any dissatisfaction if its not there. For example an automatic cruise control being offered on some vehicles that senses when traffic stops and then gives brakes to the car even before the driver has noticed. These features are used to acquire new customers.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Customer Satisfier along with its overview.


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