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What is Brand Insistence?

Brand Insistence is the ultimate goal that every marketer dreams to achieve. This is a type of exceptional consumer loyalty for a particular brand where the consumer accepts or wants only that brand and does not want to compromise it with any substitution or generic product. The success of any marketing campaign for a brand is determined by the degree of brand insistence that it generates for the product.

Brand Insistence is one extreme of the ladder of consumer mind, other end being Brand Rejection. When consumers are asked to evaluate a brand in accordance to their positioning in the consumer mind, they may map it between Brand Insistence (This is the only brand I would ever consider using) and Brand Rejection (I would never choose to use this brand).

Therefore, Brand Insistence is that stage of brand preference where the consumer is unwilling to accept any alternative product and may end up waiting or searching for that brand until it is found or being made available. Having said that this is the ultimate dream of any marketer, it takes a lot of work and effort by an organization to reach this point. This is an incremental process and is achieved by consistent delivery of high quality product and sticking to the brand promise.

There are majorly five drivers of consumer brand insistence which are:

1. Brand Awareness: Are the consumers aware of all your brands?

2. Accessibility: Is your brand available at places where consumers shop?

3. Brand Value: Does your brand provide value for money to your consumers?

4. Brand Differentiation: What unique features differentiate your brand from others?

5. Emotional Connect: Does your brand evoke an emotional feeling?


Hence, this concludes the definition of Brand Insistence along with its overview.

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