Testimonial Advertising

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Definition: Testimonial Advertising

For the growth of a successful company, it is very important for the company to undertake various method of marketing promotions and advertisement. These methods increase sales by the attention of the customers. In recent days ,before choosing a product a consumer pays attention to the product’s reputation. Hence the testimonial advertising is done because it increases the faith of the consumer towards the product by building a solid reputation in the form of testimonials .

Testimonial advertising is a promotion methodology and is one of the most potent tools of marketing in recent times. The testimonials contain the recommendations/letters/written statements from the satisfied customers or a celebrity that certifies or authenticates the product or service in terms of performance , quality, value ,excellence, worthiness etc.

Testimonials are few statements typically a few sentences. Testimonial service from satisfied customers may contain only a few words. For example if it is an Airline Industry the testimonial advertising may include –“excellent service”, “punctual”, “extremely friendly staff”, “outstanding journey” etc. The testimonials are usually included in advertisements . The names of the customers or the celebrity is usually mentioned along with the testimonial

Testimonials are primarily used for endorsing a product as it uses the feedbacks/comments from the actual customers and qualified people. It presents the company in the positive light and hence builds up the trust and reputation if the company.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Testimonial Advertising along with its overview.

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