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What is Specialty Advertising?

Specialty advertising involves giving away gifts in the form of small handy items with the permanent promotional message imprinted on them for the target market. Hence this gifts serves as the promotional product as they bring with them some specific message Specialty products include the name and logo of the distributing company or association. Specialty advertising must not be confused with product samples where we sell free product samples.

Specialty products are not usually personalized for any specific customer. Some specialty products are- calendars, business gifts and awards, t shirts, pens, hand bags and small luggage bags, diaries, key-rings etc.

Specialty Advertising

Advantages of Specialty Advertising

The benefits of specialty advertising are:

Brand exposure

Customers using the products with the logo does not necessarily earn only repeat exposure but also earns exposure with friends or acquaintances. Calendar is another specialty item which goes up in offices and homes and earns brand exposure the entire year


They communicate with only the audience you wish to communicate and also communicates the specific message you wish them to know

Rapport with customer

Specialties help in establishing long term relationship with the customer by establishing customer loyalty. By giving free cups, mugs or t shirts the consumers feel good and find it easier to connect with the brand. They can serve as a motivational tool like “thank you”etc.

Value addition

Since the specialty products are of great use, they add a great deal of value to the product

Inexpensive promotion

Specialty advertising have very low production cost and increased brand exposure. This makes it efficient and provides a significant return on investment


More personalized connectivity with the brand by offering the customers products that gives them a better brand remembrance. IT gives the personal touch, the extra dimension.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Specialty Advertising along with its overview.

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