Maintenance Marketing

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Definition: Maintenance Marketing

It is the promotional activity done to maintain the product’s market share in the market. Marketing is carried out to ensure that the customers remember the brand name, product or service. Marketing ensures that the existing customers reuse the products and it also attracts newer customers owing to its advertising.

Such marketing exercises are mostly used in a highly competitive market. This is because there are so many players offering the similar products or services. Hence it is essential to have maintenance marketing to ensure that people do not forget about a brand.

Some of the examples of maintenance marketing are as below:

1) Social Media Advertisements

2) TV and Radio Advertising

3) Sponsorship/ Celebrity Endorsements

4) News Blog/ Articles/ Banners

5) Direct Mails/ Point of sale displays

6) Phone calls(Sometimes)

7) Pay per click ads

8) Website maintenance or customer feedback system


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