Need Satisfaction Selling - Meaning & Definition

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What is Need Satisfaction Selling?

Need satisfaction selling is a sales approach where the sales person probes into the needs of the consumer, both stated or expresses needs and unstated or tacit needs and then prepares his sales pitch or presentation in accordance to these needs in order to satisfy the consumer. This is also called need satisfaction approach.

The diagram below shows the step by step process of need satisfaction selling:


1. Open: This is where the salesperson opens his or her presentation to the consumer to start the selling process.

2. Probe: Here, the sales person asks various questions to the consumer and listens to him carefully in order to understand his needs fully. Generally, in this stage, the expressed or stated needs are found.

3. Support: Here, the sales person shows that the customer’s needs are genuine by supporting him in his argument and approach. In this way, the sales person can extract more information about the customer’s needs, generally the tacit or the unstated needs.

4. Close: The sales person makes a value proposition to the customer which satisfies his needs and closes the transaction.

This approach is useful when the sales people use effective approaches to convince the customers into buying their products. If successful, it helps build customer trust and loyalty.

For example, set top box providers like Tata Sky, Sun Direct etc. follow need satisfaction selling. They have different packages so as to meet the needs of different types of customers. They also have special packages where the customer can choose the channels he or she wants based on their interest and that particular package will be provided to the customer. This is where the need satisfaction selling comes into picture.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Need Satisfaction Selling along with its overview.

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