Features Advantages Benefits Selling (FABS) - Meaning & Definition

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What is Features Advantages Benefits Selling (FABS)?

Sometimes, while selling a product, a salesperson tries to bind almost every feature of that product to an advantage or a benefit, which in turn are deemed as desirable by the customer. This selling technique is termed as Features, Advantages, Benefits Selling (also known as FABS).


In business world, it is a common known fact that the potential customers actually do not care about the products or services being offered to them even when the product or service is a perfect match for their needs. They keep on ignoring the product or service until they find the one with explicitly known benefits or advantages to themselves. Though this seems to be a very basic concept of marketing and sales, but it is normally ignored by sales representatives. Thus, FABS offers a better technique to increase the effectiveness of the advertising message.


The 3 important components of this selling technique are:

• Features: These are the characteristics or the facts regarding our product and services. They are easier to identify.

For example:

An important feature of a sleeping bag is – 2 inch insulation layer


• Advantages: These are facts about what the feature do. They may or may not be connected to the need of a customer, that is, they are general in nature.

For example:

The 2 inch insulation layer helps in retaining the body heat during nights. This is an advantage of a feature of a sleeping bag.


• Benefits: These are the values attached to the advantages offered by various features of the product. These are the bridges which connect the advantages of the various features to the specific needs of a customer. Thus, the customer can be provided by a complete and a specific solution.

For example:

The sleeping bag’s 2 inch insulation layer will help a customer to sleep comfortably at night, when the customer goes to camping. Thus, the customer can have a new day, full of fun activities.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Features Advantages Benefits Selling (FABS) along with its overview.

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