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What is Sales Call?

For the purpose of generating a sales, there is usually a pre-arranged meeting between a sales person and a customer This pre-arranged and face to face meeting of these two parties is known as a sales call. A sales call is of prime importance in sales as it is the one where a sales person makes the first impression with the client. A good start would ensures the conversion of prospective clients for sales.


A sales person should be thoroughly prepared for the sales call and should do due diligence on preparing a background check of his/her clients. There are several ways in which a sales person can ensure the effectiveness of a sales call. A sales person should get the attention of the customer within the first few seconds as it would not be time before which the customer realises that it is just a lousy sales call. For this, the sales person would need to create excitement in the customer for his/her product. To gain the persons increased interest, the sales person can consider talking in the customers jargon or language as this would create a good level of comfort while talking to the client. Find ways as to how the product you are offering is superior to other products and most importantly it should add value to the customer’s portfolio.


There are certain things which a sales person should keep in mind while carrying out a sales call. The sales person should call at a time which is most suitable for his customer. He/she should not be asking too personal question to them which makes the customer uncomfortable. The sales person should not be too pushy in his call as if a customer is not interested and the sales person is bothering him, it may lead to negative publicity from the customer through the word of mouth. These are some of the methods which should be kept in mind before dealing with a customer.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Call along with its overview.

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