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What is Sales Support Material?

Sales support material contains information regarding the product/service or company/brand or any promotional material which helps the salesperson in acquiring new customers and increasing business. These resources are provided with the aim to make the sales process easier and effective. These are the tools used by brands/companies to present themselves and increase its brand equity by delivering a consistent message. It differs from advertisements. People should not get confused between advertisements and sales support materials.

Some common sales support material used are -

1) Sales brochures and other printed product information – They contain information on the whole product portfolio as a printed document.

2) Visual aids used in sales presentations – These refer to videos or animations used during sales presentations.

3) Sales scripts – They contain the sales pitch and a few other important pointers

4) Web contents – The content available on the website of the companies which help in sales of their products. FAQ;s, Blogs etc

5) Product white papers – These are publications on the product and its features

6) Product data sheets – These data sheets contain detailed specifications on the product. For Example – The data sheets of Electronic components like Integrated Circuits provide in depth detail about specifications like – Operating voltage, operating temperature, power rating etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Support Material along with its overview.

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