Source Attractiveness

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Definition: Source Attractiveness

It is a way of promoting products based on some source which is considered to be attractive by most of the customers. For example Nike uses only athletes in its advertisements. So if Messi features in a Nike Ad it is the attractiveness of Messi which gets more sales for Nike more than the features of the shoes alone.

Marketers choose a source which is similar to the product or appeals the most if it is related to the product. Thus cosmetic companies like Loreal, Revlon, Lakme choose actresses; children products are promoted by using animated characters like Doraemon etc

But it does not always makes sense to use a source to promote the products. Like in case of electronics using an actor to promote wouldn’t add to the sales much.

Sometimes companies make the sources to promote the products by making them give personalized feedback about the performance. So Kareena Kapoor promoting Head n Shoulders shampoo by saying that it helped in removing all the dandruff is an example of source attractiveness. Followers of Kareena Kapoor who want to buy shampoo would more often than not buy Head n Shoulders.

But companies also make sure that these celebrities do not completely overshadow the product being advertised.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Source Attractiveness along with its overview.


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