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In-House Agency

This article covers meaning & overview of In-House Agency from marketing perspective

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What is In-House Agency?

It is a team within a company that focuses on the advertisement of their own product. This team is responsible for handling all the aspects of a brand. This agency is owned and operated by its one and only client which is the advertiser.

This is an alternative to outsourcing of the advertisement to an external agency. All the ad campaign of a company will be created and designed by the in-house agency only. However, if the company feels that some advertising should be directed to outside agencies, it can do so on a per-project basis.

In-house agencies work closely with the marketing team and come up with creative promotional campaigns for the brand. In-house agencies have been recently gaining popularity owing to two major facts: Firstly, the economic environment drives the marketers to do more with less cost and secondly, the growth of social, digital and mobile marketing requires a quicker and nimbler response.

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