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Activity Report - Meaning & Definition

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What is Activity Report?

An activity report refers to a summary of activities performed over a given period of time (usually a month) by a salesperson to the company’s management. Such a report gives details about the sales performance of the workforce and includes information such as number of customers approached, number of demonstrations performed, number of new accounts performed and so on.

Conventionally, activity reports contain a sales waterfall chart, which reveals the conversion rate of salespersons individually. It provides a visualisation of the number of customers allotted to each salesperson (quota or goal) and the number of sales made by him/her out of the quota. Thus, it can be used for monthly gap analysis and control.

The purpose of creating monthly sales activity reports is to obtain a detailed view into the company or department’s sales and marketing strategies and their results. Sharing these reports with the entire company creates transparency about sales and marketing activities and reveals the contribution of individual salespersons and departments to the entire business.

Following is an example of a daily sales activity report for a particular salesperson:



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