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What is Roadblock?

A roadblock is an advertising technique in which an ad commercial is broadcast simultaneously on various channels such as several radio stations, TV channels. Roadblocking serves several ad creatives on the same webpage. This is an effective tool when a company is trying to reach out to and engage with the mass audience.

The key features of roadblock advertising are:

• Maximal (generally 100%) share of voice during the period of the campaign

• Can be booked for a single day, multiple days/ a week

• Can run multiple ad units (An ad unit is the space in an application where the ads are displayed)

• Large ad formats can be used

• Uses rich, creative content

It is called roadblock because it blocks out all the ad slots on a webpage for the period of time the campaign is running. This ensures that no other brand has a share of voice at that time on that delivery channel.

Notice from the image that the webpage has 4 ad slots which are all flooded with ads of ‘Philips’. This is a classic case of roadblock advertising where all the other creatives have been blocked out of the page.


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